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RPW data description

Friday 18 February 2022, by Xavier Bonnin

RPW data description

Following documents can be read to have a full description of the RPW data products.

Copies of the documents can also be retrieved from the Solar Orbiter Public Wiki.

RPW science data quality

RPW CDF files provide information about the quality of the science data.

  • The QUALITY_FLAG CDF_UINT1 zVariable gives for each CDF record a human readable high level information about the quality with the following values:
CDF Quality Flag values
0 Bad data
1 Known problems, use at your own risk
2 Survey data, possibly not publication-quality
3 Good for publication, subject to PI approval
4 Excellent data which has received special treatment
  • The CAVEATS global attribute can be also edited by the RPW team to notify data users about specific caveats