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RPW Ground Segment Team

Tuesday 11 October 2022, by Xavier Bonnin

People involved in the RPW ground segment activities.

RPW Operations Centre (LESIA)

Diane Bérard RPW ground segment deputy project manager
RPW operations planning and command/control
MEB GSE operator
Xavier Bonnin RPW ground segment project manager
RPW raw data processing
RPW L0/L1/HK data production
RPW science data delivery
ROC database
Nicolas Fuller RPW system and telemetry monitoring software
Florence Henry RPW command/control software
ROC database
Sonny Lion ROC software development and validation (until August 2022)
Quynh Nhu Nguyen RPW L2 science data production
Renaud Romagnan RPW operations planning software

List of people which had also contributed to the ROC development:

Aichatou Aboubacar Amadou, Vivien Bouvier, Noémie El-bez Sebastien, Manuel Duarte, Jeremy Michel, Stephane Papais, Thierry Sauzière, Andreas Tokgozoglu, Hugo Warnier

The development of the ROC was supported at CNES by Desi Raulin, which is now the Solar Orbiter French project manager.

Bias ground segment team (IRFU)

Yuri Khotyaintsev Bias Lead CoI
Erik Johansson Bias calibration software (BICAS)

LFR ground segment team (LPP)

Thomas Chust LFR Lead CoI
Rodrigue Piberne LFR calibration software (LFR CALBUT)

SCM ground segment team (LPC2E)

Matthieu Kretzschmar SCM Lead CoI
Jean-Yves Brochot SCM calibration software (SCMCAL)

TDS ground segment team (IAP)

Jan soucek TDS Lead CoI
David Pisa TDS calibration software (TDS CALBA)

TNR-HFR ground segment team (LESIA)

Milan Maksimovic TNR-HFR Lead CoI
Antonio Vecchio TNR-HFR deputy Lead CoI
Quynh nhu Nguyen TNR-HFR calibration software (THR Calbar)