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RPW Operations Board

Tuesday 11 October 2022, by Xavier Bonnin

People involved in the RPW Operations Board

RPW Operations Board (ROB)

The RPW Operations Board (ROB) meets every two weeks in order to rule on the instrument science operation activities.
Especially, ROB decides on the next instrument configurations to be tuned on-board, in compliance with the science planning defined at mission level by the SOWG and taking account of the discussions inside the RPW consortium.
RPW science performance and resulting data quality are also discussed.

ROB main members
Stuart D. Bale RPW Lead CoI & SPP-FIELDS PI
Diane Bérard ROC Deputy project manager & RPW operations engineer
Xavier Bonnin ROC Project Manager & RPW data processing engineer
Thomas Chust LFR Lead CoI
Yuri Khotyaintsev Bias Lead CoI
Matthieu Kretzschmar SCM Lead CoI
Milan Maksimovic RPW PI & TNR-HFR Lead CoI
Desi Raulin Solar Orbiter French project manager at CNES
Jan Soucek RPW instrument scientist & TDS Lead CoI
Antonio Vecchio TNR-HFR Deputy Lead CoI

Regular guests: Olga Alexandrova (LESIA), Nikals Edberg (IRFU), Moustapha Dekkali (LESIA), Erik Johansson (IRFU), Eric Lorfevre (CNES), Lee Roy Malac-Allain (LESIA), Jean-Michel Travert (CNES), Philippe Plasson (LESIA), Dirk Plettemeier (TU Dresden), Manfred Steller (IWF), Stepan Stverak (ASU)