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The RPW Operation Centre (ROC)

The RPW Operation Centre (ROC) is in charge of the RPW Ground Segment activities.

Its main tasks are to:

  • Ensure the control/command as well as the good health monitoring of the RPW instrument on-board the Solar Orbiter spacecraft.
  • Prepare the planning of the RPW observation campaigns, in agreement with the mission level planning and operational constraints.
  • Establish the way the planning and the RPW telecommands will be transmitted from the ROC to the Solar Orbiter Science and Mission Operation Centres (SOC and MOC) and the RPW telemetry retrieved from the MOC to the ROC.
  • Ensure the calibration, the validation and the dissemination of the RPW science data, in accordance with the Solar Orbiter Science Management Plan.
  • Manage the selection of the RPW Selected Burst Mode (SBM) events recorded on the spacecraft solid state mass memory (SSMM).
  • Control the RPW BIAS currents on-board.
  • Maintain the flight software
  • Coordinate activities between MOC and RPW teams in case of anomaly investigations.
  • Deliver a fully operational RPW low latency pipeline to the Solar Orbiter SOC.
  • Provide software support during the ground instrument calibrations at the system level.

The centre is hosted at the LESIA (Meudon, France).

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