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ROC Team

Tuesday 3 November 2020, by Florence HENRY

People in LESIA involved in the RPW Operation Centre (ROC) activities.
More information about the ROC can be found in its Wiki page.

Management board

Milan Maksimovic

Principal investigator

Xavier Bonnin

RPW ground segment project manager

Stephane Papais (NEXEYA)

ROC software quality and product assurance manager

Engineering team

Software development team

Nicolas Fuller

RPW operation tool software engineer

Sonny Lion

ROC software designer and validation engineer

Quynh Nhu Nguyen

RPW L2 data processing and TNR-HFR software engineer

Operation team

Diane Berard

RPW operations engineer

Science support team

Olga Alexandrova

CoI, Magnetic field data merging coordinator

Baptiste Cecconi

CoI, RPW represantative member at MADAWG, scientific support to CDPP data archiving, goniopolarimetry expert

Laurent Lamy

Radio ground observations support

Filippo Pantellini

SPIS simulation expert